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Wheelybins Mayhem Republic™

Our mission statement:

At Wheelybins Mayhem Republic we encourage everyone to have fun and to go fast, we respect & support our fellow members both on and off the track.

Winning the race is great, but the most fun is had circulating and having a good clean race with your mates right up until the chequered flag, “To finish first, first you have to finish!”

Our sessions are more than just races, it’s about comradery and sportsmanship as these are the key foundations our group has been built on.

So join up via our facebook page, get on track, have fun, do your best and go fast!


The key principals we stand by are:

Help: We interact on the track and on the mic, we openly discuss the many opportunities for our members to learn new cars, circuits and general race craft during our sessions. (Encourage)


Teach: We teach our newer members and those who want to “go fast” any set up or driving techniques to assist them to Improve and to make the group a higher quality environment for drivers to race (Assist)


Encouragement: We support and encourage each other to perform at a higher level and to positively progress with our iracing and our real world careers. (Share)


Respect: We show each other respect on the race track and on the radio during all WMR events, we "Treat others how you wish to be treated" and we treat the simulation the same. (Respect)


Tolerance: We appreciate that other members have different driving styles, have a different ability, circulate at different speeds and we support all who turn up to enjoy our iracing community (Tolerance)


Fun: It’s why we are here in the Wheelybins Mayhem Republic Iracing group, we are here to have fun with likeminded people enjoying our sport. (Fun)

Importantly never forget that every time you are willing to risk your car taking a position, there’s someone equally as willing to risk their car holding it!

Happy simulated motoring

The Wheelybins admin team

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