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Group Rules

Group & Session Rules

As of : 24/5/18

What is Wheelybins Mayhem Republic (WMR):

WMR is an Australian based Facebook group with a focus on SIM racing.  We use the iRacing SIM platform.

The Primary purpose of the group is to provide a friendly environment for group members to join, and race against each other in our regularly nightly hosted iRacing sessions.


Here in WMR,  We just want to go fast & have FUN!

WMR differentiates itself from many other SIM racing groups by providing a light hearted and social environment. We don't take ourselves too seriously but we do have a few ground rules that need to be in place to make sure everything goes smoothly in our sessions for all members to enjoy the sessions and keep order within the Facebook Group. Being a Member is a Privilege, NOT a Right.


We encourage anyone to join our group from complete beginners to seasoned professionals.  Our members and admin team will try to help newcomers to SIM racing to learn some racecraft, until you understand how to race without causing problems for others on track.  

We will not tolerate deliberate take outs, stupidity or rudeness/abuse in any form.  We give all a chance to participate, learn and enjoy as they make the honest mistakes, we all do when we are new to something.


Have your radio working in game so you can talk to you fellow racers.  You can use the radio for a social chat if you wish, but it is primarily required so you can hear instructions from Race Control, Administrators and your fellow competitors.  If you are new to iRacing this will allow the more experienced racers to give you advice and guidance.


Posting negative & disrespectful comments towards others on the WMR Facebook page is NOT Permitted!


Abuse of any kind will not be tolerated, be it when using the race radio or posting in the text chat, PLAY NICE!! Have fun, hone your skills, have a laugh but when things go wrong, remember to be respectful to your fellow racers.

Admins reserve the right to remove you from the server if deemed necessary.


*** Passwords for Hosted sessions must NOT be given to ANYONE! ***

all members will be able to see the password posted on facebook, no need to share!

Promotion/Recruiting/Poaching for other Facebook iRacing groups or Teams is STRICTLY NOT ALLOWED during WMR Sessions or on the Facebook page and will incur a penalty, unless you have prior/advanced permission from Admin.

OSR and iRacing Official things are fine.

Promotional Team Paints that are not associated with WMR are allowed, If you would like to, you may add a Wheelybins logo to your team car, you can find these in the Documents section or on our website Logo’s section.


If you are going to host a session & want to use the Wheelybins Mayhem Republic or WMR Name, YOU MUST run it by an admin first before putting it up.


Practice Sessions:

1. The Practice session is the time to have a play around and not be to serious.

2. If someone asks you to move out of the way because they are on a hot lap please try and do so without holding them up. No blue flags in practice so its up to the drivers to be aware of the other cars on track.

3. and as always use your relative box (f3 on the keyboard)

4. Please respect all drivers on & off the track. we just wanna go fast & have fun!


Qualifying Sessions:

1. Use your relative at all times so you know who is around you.

2. If you are on a hot lap let cars in front of you know so they know to let you by.

3. If you are unsure if a car is on a hot lap just move out of the way and let them by but if you are on a hot lap and there is a faster car coming up behind you let them know so they don’t get annoyed (BLUE FLAG IN QUALY MEANS MOVE OVER, YOU WILL ONLY GET BLUE FLAG ON YOUR OUTLAP)


The Races:

iRacing is a SIMULATION, please treat it as such.

1. As there is no warm-up lap in iracing we ask that please make the first lap about staying on the track, let things warm up before pushing hard. Remember everyone is on cold tyres so take it easy & aim for ZERO contact, Making lots of passes or taking position advantage of others avoiding crashes or slower cars on the first lap is not advised and maybe looked at as over aggressive.

2. Any incidents that happen on track should be spoken about POST RACE, please do not use the race radio to argue about who did what, anyone heard to be doing so will have their CHAT MUTED. Just keep in mind, in no form of motorsport can drivers communicate to each other during a race for the whole field to hear & be distracted by... When racing, Say whatever you want... JUST DON’T PRESS THE MIC BUTTON, it's that simple!

3. If an incident happens on track that you think requires PENALTIES (Click HERE), please contact admin with your complaint, along with any relevant footage, Even though we are all here to have FUN, sometimes a penalty in the only way some drivers learn.

NOTE: Any Session suspension/points penalty may also result in Removal from the Facebook Group with a Majority Admin decision.


**** But most important of all GO FAST & HAVE FUN! This is what Wheelybins is all about! Having Bins of fun! Have a Chat, Grab a Beer, and Hold on! ****



1. Have mirrors turned on all the time virtual or car

This will let you know when a fast car is approaching. This can be found in the 'Graphic Settings' inside the iRacing Sim.

2. Relative is to be used at all times.

The Default iRacing Key is F3 but you can change the button in the 'Control Settings' inside the iRacing Sim.

3. If you are having trouble with a set-up, feel free to ask as someone will put up a setup that you can use just take it easy on the first couple laps to let things warm up before going hard.

Failure to follow the page rules may result in removal from the group or removal from our sessions


By Joining Wheelybins Mayhem Republic Facebook page you hereby also agree & understand the Rules set out above.

Questions can be asked via PM to our Admins or you can email us @


WMR Admins.

Shane "Chief" Evans

Warran "Cookie" Cooke

Ian "Muttley" Holt

Vincent "Vinnie" Skilbeck

Daniel "Dan" Coxon

Frank "Hotdog" Speed

FB Peter Benjamin/Iracing Peter Davison

Brendan Ryan

Jamie McKnight

David Wowk

Matt Toirkens

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