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- iRacers Lounge

This is the iRacers Lounge Podcast…. Featuring the latest iRacing news, driver interviews, race reviews, opinions, discussions, rumors and more….

- Angle of Attack

An Australian iRacing podcast hosted by Mark Samuel, Jaycie Richards, Jamie McKnight & Nick Haeusler.

- iRacing Downshift

iRacing Downshift is where real racing and simracing collide! Hosted by Greg West, Kevin Bobbitt, and Chris Leone, the official podcast of iRacing includes the latest iRacing news, a lively discussion of the biggest stories in the world of racing, and much more

- FlatChat Podcast

Provides entertaining interviews and recap/analysis of recent SCOPS events and the latest news in the V8SCOPS and iRacing Supercars community.

The FlatChat Podcast can be found on many different podcast platforms such as:





- The Top Spilt

The Top Split is a Sim Racing podcast aimed at bringing you the latest and greatest information from the iRacing scene.

- The iRacing Today Radio Show 

The iRacing Today Radio Show, formally known as the iRacing Today Podcast, is a radio show about the world in and around the simulation. This “simulation” is quickly becoming a virtual sport for those who want to prepare for a career in motorsports, those who want to live out the dream without the large investment, and those who race in real life who want some cheap and convenient seat time.

3rd Party Software:

Trading Paints



Z1 Dashboard

JRT (Joel real timing)

YouTube Channels & Info Videos

The Sim Pit


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